Personally, I have never even tried to sell anything I have ever done. I'm a computer designer, so I guess I have sold to my niche market to recieve my salary. They pay me to layout what they want. Along the lines of advice... I wouldn't start painting, magazine layouts just to do design ... I think regardless of the subject matter or style, a well composed, well considered and well executed work is going to be appreciated, whereas a poorly executed, lousy composition is going to be disliked regardless of the subject matter, or whether it matches somebody's decor.

I look at everything I have done for the past 25 years as an imperfect chunk of evolution. My parents have some of my stuff hanging in their house, I don't have anything hanging in mine... It's all tucked away in portfolio cases, and stacked in corners. I don't give stuff away as gifts to loved ones.
A lot of people talk about pouring emotion into their work, like they are being guided by voices in their head. The same people try not only to downplay but to eliminate the mental and intellectual aspect of art. I think they are selling art and themselves short. Art is hard work and a discipline. Everyone who persues it deserves kudos!I agree....I've seen a lot of art lately that is just a bunch of crap thrown together based on 'an emotion'. There's really no rhyme or reason. Now, an emotion thrown in with the intillectual aspect produces some wonderful stuff.

Lately I've seen better painting trades than fine art. And that is due to the discipline involved in the paintings. You can't just take a blowtorch and go nuts with it. You can't make a quilt without some forethought either.

For your, I know what you mean. I guess I started this topic because I've been going MAD inside myself. I have all these ideas and I see all of these possibilities and do all the drawings & paintings...I've not gotten much done in the way of finished pieces - I don't even finish my drawings before something else pops in my mind. Been thinking I may end up in the funny farm.

Thanks for join with me,
Samidurai DFA., Pd.
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